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Integrative Trauma Therapy and Somatic Experiencing in Kelowna

I believe that healing occurs in relationships and through transformative practices to awaken our innate wisdom, strengths, and resilience. I support my clients in reconnecting with themselves, deepening relationships with others, and feeling aligned with their true nature. Our work together is about going beyond the emotional and intellectual understanding, to unlock what is stuck, then to integrate and transform the wounds that prevent us from living our ideal self. 

My counselling services in Kelowna helps clients to identify their feelings, ways of thinking, relating and behaving. As a result, they become better at coping with challenging life situations, relationships, and transitions. If you are looking to be accepted, cared for, and supported while making significant and meaningful changes, this is where I can be of service to you. 

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Dawn Clarke

RTC & Somatic Experiencing Practitioner in Kelowna

I have deep gratitude for the work that I do. My goal through gentle facilitation and deep listening is to support my clients access to their own inherent capacity to heal.

I provide my client's with a range of heart-centered, embodiment, and integrative practices to facilitate wholeness of self and my focus is relational, experiential, and attachment-based.

My counselling services are geared towards helping you if you are dealing with:


  • anxiety

  • depression

  • couples counselling

  • trauma

  • grief

  • pain

  • anger

  • stress

  • crisis

Somatic Therapy is Embodied Healing

Grief, Anxiety
and Depression

Over time, if the energy from accumulated stress and high states of arousal is not released, this activation becomes locked in our system creating patterns that lead to chronic trauma symptoms of anxiety, depression, anger and syndromes such as migraines, chronic pain and Fibromyalgia, among others.  

Motor Vehicle Accidents/ICBC

I have created a framework that incorporates Somatic Experiencing, Somatic Practice, and regulating touch therapy. I also include various gentle resiliency practices and corrective experiences to promote regulation and healing in the deepest layers of your system to reduce trauma symptoms. Over time, this neuroplastic healing will create a physiological template that is resilient, strong, and stable. 

Resilient Relationships/Couples Therapy

Relational respect is about honoring ourselves, our partners, and the relationship. We are not worse or better than, we are equal and from this space of healthy self-esteem , we acknowledge our imperfections, our struggles, and build skills to develop better communication. Compared to other Couples Counselling models, RLT is short term and effective.

I offer a complimentary 20 minute phone consultation


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Why Choose Counselling?

Counselling helps to give voice to our humanity — loss, pain, and struggle are common to all of us. As your counsellor, I will create a safe, supportive, and compassionate space for you to lean into uncomfortable emotions and sensations; ones that may not feel okay in the outside world. We do our best to navigate this very complicated world, and based on our experiences, we develop beliefs, perceptions, and narratives about who we are. Perhaps those beliefs once served us in a profound way, but at some point they come to challenge our lives in less productive ways, causing dysregulation, disharmony, and disappointment


Dawn is kind, warm, respectful, and even playful. As my safe haven, she supported me through a very difficult transition in my life.  It felt so validating to be deeply listened to and understood.

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